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Hello! Welcome to my site. I’m a freelance writer, editor and digital project creator who has been working in various sectors of the publishing industry since 2005. I have a BA in English Lit and an MA in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I’m currently living in Glasgow, UK, and working freelance for a number of clients across the globe. Thank you for visiting my site. To learn more about me, please visit my ABOUT page!






“I've worked with Dana on many projects over several years and have found her editorial work forensic and thoughtful, with her attention to detail spot on. She also shows careful consideration of her fellow creatives’ work and offers respectful and fair advice. And she's loads of fun. Also – her knowledge of horror films is encyclopedic…” – Mark Mechan, Red Axe Design

“I found her work to be of an extremely high standard … I can safely say that she took her work seriously and was considered an asset to the company.” – Jerome Collins, Canada Stockwatch

“She is extremely efficient, respectful and thorough. She takes the time to walk you through her process and it ends up being a learning experience where every modification and adjustment to the text is explained. … I highly recommend working with her.” – Naghmeh Sharifi, Multidisciplinary Artist & Art Educator

“I could not have been more pleased with Dana Keller’s work. She provided her excellent skills on a manuscript for a 106,000-word novel with the utmost care and respect for my vision. She was able to really get into the minds of my characters and bring out the best in my prose. I learned a lot during the editing process with her, and she was always there a hundred percent of the way for any questions or concerns I had. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”  – Jacob Davenport, Author

Blogging Professionally Since 2008

Literary blogs, translation blogs, film blogs, wellness blogs, how-to blogs… You name it, I’ve blogged it. I can write SEO-optimized blog posts in a variety of styles on myriad topics.


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With broad experience across a number of industries, I am a flexible writer, editor and project manager who can easily move between subjects and styles.