In 1999 I was completely enthralled by THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT’s multi-platform marketing campaign, in which the story of the film was told across several mediums: a book, a website, a short “documentary” and the film itself. Since then, I’ve studied and produced a number of multi-platform projects. This page features a few of the noteworthy ones.


In the Freethinker’s Footsteps

I conceived of and managed this project in collaboration with Vagabond Voices, a Glasgow-based independent publisher. The project builds upon Heather Richardson’s novel DOUBTING THOMAS. The novel is inspired by the tragic true story of Thomas Aikenhead, who was hung for blasphemy in Edinburgh in 1697.

Think in Translation

I developed and managed this project, which was executed in cooperation with Vagabond Voices, The Space and several brilliant freelancers. The project’s goal is to build Vagabond’s brand identity as a publisher of translations, as well as to raise awareness of translated literature in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

The Magic Is in the Medium

This is an upcoming project that I’m hoping to begin in September 2019. I’ll be researching representations of witches in literary, cinematic and post-cinematic narratives.